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Narrowing Down Your Search For A Home At The #JerseyShore
Once you decide you are ready buy your home in South Jersey along the Jersey Shore coastline there are some key things to decide. Most importantly you need to choose which city you want to own or live. Jack has a preference to Ocean City, where Jill has a preference to Margate. Each person finds there connection to a shore city where they want to plant their toes in the sand. Ocean City is more a family city with the beach, boardwalk, and amusements. Margate has the beach, fine dining, shopping, and a night-life scene. The Wildwoods have large beaches, boardwalk, amusements, night-life, and more of a party feel for many. Stone Harbor has beaches, restaurants, shopping, and portrays itself as an elite community among many. As I said, each city gets branded by many, and each person grows an attachment to the place they fall in love with for whatever reason. If you are not sure where you want to be, we will be happy to discuss your lifestyle habits and then spend time with you showing you some of the cities to get a better feel for where you like best. Feel free to call Jack to start the process 609-602-7140 or email 

Here are some links to basic info about some of the South Jersey Beach cities: 
Ocean City Info  / Visitor Website Ocean City
Margate Info / Margate City Website

Somers Point/ Somers Point Site 

Avalon info / Avalon Visitor Site
North Wildwood info / The Wildwoods Visitor Site
Stone Harbor info / Stone Harbor Visitor Site 

Ventnor info / Ventnor City website
Longport / Longport Site 

Brigantine/ Brigantine Site

Cape May /Cape May Site

Atlantic City / Atlantic City Site 

Rio Grande 

Next factors to decide:
*What area of the city do you want to be?

Which neighborhood? By the beach? Bay? Shopping? Yearly residential neighborhood? 

*Single family home? Condo, which floor? Townhouse?

*New Construction? Turn-key property? Needs Work? Tear down and rebuild?

*Will you primarily be using the property or renting it out or both?

*How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

*Wish list items for the property to have?


THEN, get yourself pre-qualified with a mortgage (we can help suggest someone)

Once you have all these answers, we can help you narrow down your search for the perfect home. Or feel free to start your search on our website. Our site is linked to the active listings in both Atlantic and Cape May counties. 

Buying a vacation home at "The Beach" or as others call it "The Shore" or even "The Jersey Shore" is a huge investment and step to living the beach life. Most people only dream about owning at the beach, now is the possibility to make it a reality. 

Isn't it time you indulge yourself and do the extraordinary thing of buying the dream home at the beach along the Jersey Shore?