2019 Trending Colors

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2019 Trending Colors


Hmmm...it truly doesn't seem possible that 2019 is around the corner and that we are discussing "Trending Colors for 2019." Been hearing comments about boredom with the grays, yet they look so nice and clean every time I see them. Remember, can brighten them up with an accent wall or some bright colorful accessories around the room. 


So, after doing some research I have put links from a variety of resources and what they conclude to be this coming year's trending colors. I'm putting my foot down as a realtor, saying DON'T go with some of them. I think as you look through them, you will know exactly what I mean. 


In the end, if you are not planning on selling you home any time, go crazy and paint those rooms the colors you dream of having, its YOUR home. Just remember when going to sell it, it helps to put some fresh neutral and earth towns back on the walls to entice the majority of people viewing your home. 


With that said, from my personal opinion, we want to hear YOUR feedback!!!!! What colors do you like for next year? Do you even like colors or are you the bright white?? Let us know....we LOVE hearing what others like and want to see in a home. 


So, let us know your fave color for this coming year......and the one most disliked to!!!!!!


DECOR MAG Trending Colors for 2019


Elle Decor Trending Colors


Behr's Trending Colors


House Beautiful with Sherman Williams Colors


Coastal Livings Trending Colors


Until next time.......have fun shopping for the season we have somehow plummeted in to drastically fast it seems. 

If there is a certain topic you would like us to touch on, let us know. We LOVE hearing from you all. 

See you at the beach, 

Jack and Jill